gltk 0.3
a C++ widget library built on GLUT
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
gltk::AdjustmentValue with a defined range and two sizes of increments
gltk::BinBin is a Container with a single child
gltk::BoxA Container that lines up its children
gltk::ButtonButton is a PushBox that holds a child widget
gltk::CheckBoxCheckbox that can be toggled on and off
gltk::CheckButtonCheckBox with a Label
gltk::ComboBoxTextA Widget used to choose from a list of text items
sigc::connectionKeep track of the connection
gltk::ContainerA Container holds child widget(s)
gltk::EntrySingle line text input
gltk::FileBrowserShow files in current directory allowing navigation and selection
gltk::FocusableWidget that can be focused on
gltk::FrameFrame is a Bin with an outline and a text label
gltk::glAreaA Widget with its own GL context
gltk::glutWindowAbstraction of underlying system window
gltk::HBoxHorizontal Box
gltk::HScaleHorizontal Scale
gltk::ViewableList::ItemBaseBase item type
gltk::LabelOne-line text Widget
gltk::LabelBinLabelBin is a Bin with default Label child
gltk::ListViewWidget showing and allowing selection from a list of items
gltk::MainOne and only Main object of the library
gltk::PopupA Widget that popups a menu on click
gltk::PushBoxRectangular box that can be clicked
gltk::ViewableList::RenderBaseBase Render object
gltk::RenderItemStrRender an item as a string
gltk::ScaleSlider to select and a label to display a numeric value
gltk::ScrollbarWidget for manipulating an Adjustment
gltk::ShapeWidget of simple Shape
sigc::signal< Tr, T1 >Convenience template for signal of any number of arguments
sigc::signal0< Tr >Signal with zero argument
sigc::signal1< Tr, T1 >Signal with one argument
gltk::SignalIdleCalling a slot when system is free SignalIdle provides a system signal that is emitted when the system is idle
gltk::SignalTimeoutA timer signal
gltk::SliderSelecting a value by moving a slider
sigc::slot0< Tr >Slot with zero argument
sigc::slot1< Tr, T1 >Slot with one argument
gltk::SpinButtonCombo of an Entry and two Buttons
gltk::TextDrawSingle line text drawing object
gltk::VBoxVertical Box
gltk::ViewableListA list of viewable items
gltk::VScaleVertical Scale
gltk::WidgetA visual component
gltk::WindowToplevel window
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