gltk 0.3
a C++ widget library built on GLUT
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gltk::Entry Class Reference

Single line text input. More...

#include <entry.hh>

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Public Member Functions

void get_preferred_height (int &min, int &nat) const
 obtain minimum & natural heights
void get_preferred_width (int &min, int &nat) const
 obtain minimum & natural widths
void set_text (std::string const &)
 set the content of input
std::string const & get_text () const
 get the content of input
size_t get_text_length () const
 return length of input
void set_editable (bool v=true)
 enable/disable editing
void set_visibility (bool v=true)
 obscure the charactes
sigc::signal< void > & signal_activate ()
 signal when text is enterred
sigc::signal< void > & signal_stop ()
 signal when Entry lost focus

Detailed Description

Single line text input.

This Widget shows a one-line text field and allows manipulation of the text.


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