gltk 0.3
a C++ widget library built on GLUT
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gltk::SpinButton Class Reference

a combo of an Entry and two Buttons. More...

#include <spinbutton.hh>

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gltk::Container gltk::Adjustment gltk::Widget

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Public Member Functions

 SpinButton (double climb_rate=0.0, unsigned digits=0)
 construct with initial climb_rate and digits
void get_preferred_width (int &min, int &nat) const
 obtain minimum & natural widths
void get_preferred_height (int &min, int &nat) const
 obtain minimum & natural heights
int get_value_as_int () const
 get value as an int
unsigned get_digits () const
 get digits
void set_digits (unsigned digits)
 set digits
void set_snap_to_ticks (bool snap_to_ticks)
 set snap_to_ticks
void set_increments (double step, double page)
 set step and page increments
void set_range (double min, double max)
 set the range of Adjustment
void set_wrap (bool wrap=true)
 wrap value when limits are reached
void set_width_chars (int n_chars)
 set the width of Entry field in number of characters

Protected Attributes

double climb_rate
 acceleration rate when buttons are pressed
unsigned digits
 number of digits after decimal place
bool snap_to_ticks
 snap to multiples of step increment
bool wrap
 wrap to opposite side when limit is reached

Detailed Description

a combo of an Entry and two Buttons.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SpinButton::SpinButton ( double  climb_rate = 0.0,
unsigned  digits = 0 

construct with initial climb_rate and digits

climb_rateinitial value for climb_rate
digitsinitial value for digits
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