gltk 0.3
a C++ widget library built on GLUT
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gltk::Bin Class Reference

Bin is a Container with a single child. More...

#include <bin.hh>

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gltk::Container gltk::Widget gltk::Frame gltk::LabelBin gltk::Scale gltk::Window gltk::Button gltk::CheckButton gltk::HScale gltk::VScale

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Public Member Functions

void set_reducible (int x, int y)
 set reducible spaces
void set_reserved (int x, int y)
 set reserved spaces
void place_bin (int x, int y)
 move the Bin within the Widget

Protected Member Functions

void on_configure_event ()
 called when the window configuration is changed
void get_preferred_width (int &min, int &nat) const
 obtain minimum & natural widths
void get_preferred_height (int &min, int &nat) const
 obtain minimum & natural heights
void get_preferred_width_for_height (int height, int &min, int &nat) const
 obtain minimum & natural widths for given height
void get_preferred_height_for_width (int width, int &min, int &nat) const
 obtain minimum & natural heights for given width

Protected Attributes

int reducible_x
 space for the reducible border
int reducible_y
 space for the reducible border
int reserved_x
 reserved space in x
int reserved_y
 reserved space in y

Detailed Description

Bin is a Container with a single child.

Bin maintains a reducible border around a single child in a designated area of the allocated space. The reducible border is specified by the set_reducible function. The area outside the reducible boarder is set by set_reserved and remains fixed. The size are allocated in the order of precedence:

reserved > minimum of child > natural of child > reducible

The minimum size of the Bin is the reserved + minimum of child. The natural size is reserved + natural of child + reducible.


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