gltk 0.3
a C++ widget library built on GLUT
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gltk::ViewableList Struct Reference

A list of viewable items. More...

#include <listview.hh>

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struct  ItemBase
 base item type More...
struct  RenderBase
 base Render object More...

Public Member Functions

virtual size_t size () const =0
 size of the list
virtual ItemBaseget_item (size_t index)=0
 get the index-th item in the list

Public Attributes

sigc::signal< void > changed
 signal when the list is changed

Detailed Description

A list of viewable items.

This is a simplified take on the model-view design. Items can be any data structures (model) inherit from ItemBase. They are to be rendered (view) by render objects inherit from RenderBase. A tree or list can be used to store data of items. A Widget (such as ListView)can then keep a number of renders to display these data.

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