gltk 0.3
a C++ widget library built on GLUT
Public Member Functions
gltk::Window Class Reference

a toplevel window. More...

#include <window.hh>

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gltk::glutWindow gltk::Bin gltk::Container gltk::Widget

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Public Member Functions

void set_default_size (int w, int h)
 set initial size that will be requested
void set_title (std::string const &title)
 set the title of window
void resize (int width, int height)
 change the size of mapped window
void reconfigure ()
 ask to reconfigure the layout
void show ()
 mark the widget visible
void hide ()
 mark the widget hidden

Detailed Description

a toplevel window.

This is a GLUT window that handles all callbacks from GLUT.

Examples:,,,, and

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