gltk 0.3
a C++ widget library built on GLUT
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gltk::SignalTimeout Class Reference

A timer signal. More...

#include <timeout.hh>

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Static Public Member Functions

static sigc::connection connect (sigc::slot0< bool > const &slot, unsigned interval)
 Connects a timeout handler.
static void connect_once (sigc::slot0< void > const &slot, unsigned interval)
 Connects a timeout handler that runs only once.

Detailed Description

A timer signal.

SignalTimeout is a system signal that can be scheduled to call a slot after a specified amount of time.

Member Function Documentation

sigc::connection SignalTimeout::connect ( sigc::slot0< bool > const &  slot,
unsigned  interval 
) [static]

Connects a timeout handler.

Returning false from the slot will sever the connection.

slotA slot to call when interval has elapsed.
intervalThe timeout in milliseconds.
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